About us

GP Certified Public Accountants( Limited Liability Partnership ), registered in China,locates in Guangzhou, and is a large public accounting firm with qualification of securities and futures related, With qualifications on services related to securities, futures, finance, asset appraisal budget planning and settlement preparation, preparation of construction base number, and construction cost control, GP CPA is one of the full range qualified public accounting firms in China.

Under the spirit of the No. 56 Document of the State Council and the Ministry of Finance to enhance public accounting firms, GP CPA is jointly established by the previous GP Certified Public Accountants Co., Guangzhou Jianmin CPA Co, Ltd, Zhongxin CPA Co., Ltd, Shaoguan Zhongyi CPA Co, Ltd, and Guangzhou Dexin CPA Co., Ltd.

GP CPA has a long history. Being established in 1981 and as the first public accounting firm in southern China, one of the predecessors of GP CPA, Guangzhou CPA Co., Ltd. had already started to provide auditing, accounting and other professional service to our clients, and it was formally established as "GP CPA" in 2000. The decades of customer service experience have made it outstanding in the field. Through merging with other big firms in Guangdong, GP CPA has attracted many professional talents, which makes it more excellent in professional strength. By adhering to the traditional aim "uphold the quality for reputation, uphold the reputation for development" and the professional ethics "independence, objectivity, fair and preciseness", we delicate to provide highly efficient professional service to our clients.

In 2016,GP Certified Public Accountant(Limited liability Partnership)joined HLB International as an independent member of the International Accounting Network, which marks GP CPA has taken the international steps.

HLB is a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms. HLB have a history of innovation, collaboration and are dedicated to helping clients grow across borders. Through the power of 27,485 professionals across 153 countries, HLB combine local expertise and global capabilities to service your needs. HLB members are locally established with deep roots in their local communities yet are closely connected with professionals from across the world. HLB support clients as they grow nationally, regionally and globally, ensuring a consistent high-quality client experience and personalised service wherever you operate. HLB website: :https://www.hlb.global


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